This narrow-field, invited-only meeting is the first attempt to bring together the Materials and Micropropulsion communities with a view to contribute to the development of the Global Materials and Micropropulsion Roadmap, and set such meetings to a regular basis.

Oral and poster presentations about cutting-edge research on application of smart, multifunctional, nanoscaled and advanced materials in microproplsion platforms, systems and devices, as well as miniaturized electric propulsion thrusters of various types including Hall thrusters are invited.


A common meeting is planned at the end of the Workshop to discuss the time and place of the next MCS workshop, and develop the Roadmap of the materials/propulsion direction.


  • PSAC (Plasma Sources and Application Center) / Space and Propulsion Center, NIE, Singapore

  • CNR-Nanotec – P.Las.M.I. lab, Bari, Italy

  • George Washington University, USA

  • Australian National University, Australia

ABOUT MPCS-2017, Italy