Hotels are expensive in Singapore.

We have organized a sponsored, cheap but convenient accommodation for participants and accompanying persons at the conference venue.


The main activities of the conference will take place at Hwa Chong Institution (HCI). Limited accommodations are available directly at the MPCS-II conference venue at Hwa Chong Institution. Hwa Chong Institution is a complex of several buildings, which features comfortable accommodation facilities and other amenities including conference rooms, sport amenities etc. The main conference venue will be directly in the HCI compound.

Moreover, Hwa Chong Institution is located a walking distance away from Tan Kah Kee MRT Station (Subway/train) which offers a quick and direct rail transport to the airport and city center via the Downtown Line. More information about the accommodations can be found at 

Some activities will take place in the Nanyang Technological University. In this case the transportation will be provided between the Hwa Chong Institution and University. Transportation will also be provided for all social events.

Limited number of single (139.10 SGD per night) and twin sharing (160.50 SGD per night) rooms with private bathrooms available for booking for MPCS-II at HCI. Note that the "single" and "twin sharing" are the same rooms just configured to the relevant number of occupants.

The costs for the rooms are indicated on a "per-room" basis, i.e. 2 guests occupying the twin sharing room would pay a total of 160.50 SGD per night.

Free meals are provided: Monday to Friday – Breakfast and Dinner; Saturday and Sunday/PH- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The conference will also organize the own catering.

Additional information on the rooms and amenities can be found at


How to book accommodation at MPCS-II conference venue (Hwa Chong Institution):

To book your accommodations with HCI for the duration of MPCS-II, please follow the instructions below:


1. Download the "Guestroom Application Form.pdf".


2. Fill up the form (Part A) with Name of Requestor filled in as "MPCS-II" followed by your name.


3. Leave the Hall/Room number empty.


4. Fill in (Part B) with your particulars.


5. Sign the forms and leave the "For office use only" section empty.


6. Scan the form and email it to; cc to and


7. The accommodation staff would then follow up with instructions on how to make payment through electronic bank transfer. Once your application has been processed, an email will be sent to you for confirmation of your booking.


8. Payment by cash upon check-in is also possible if there is a problem with payment through electronic bank transfer, as the credit card machine at the accommodation location is still in the midst of being installed.


10. Note that accommodations at the conference site are limited, but boarding rooms (no attached bathrooms and toiletries) are also available upon request. These boarding rooms are 2 or 4 bedded student rooms. Please do note that the toiletries and towels are not provided for the student room and the room is unlocked.


The price for bed in the air-conditioned 2 bedded or 4 bedded student room is 58.85 SGD (approx. 43 USD) per night.

Please send us email if you want to book a bed in the student room.   


Do feel free to contact the accommodation staff directly at should you have specific queries.


Map of the Hwa Chong Institution is shown at our webpage


Additional Information:

Download pdf file with additional information

Download Guestroom Application Form.pdf

Download Map in pdf