Tentative Program (download as pdf)

26 June

  • 9:00am - Registration opens at CNR-Nanotec - P.LAS.M.I. Lab @ Bari

  • 9:30am - Welcome. Address of the International Organizing Committee

  • 9:40am - Talks start (coffee break and lunch at 11am and 1pm approx.)

  • 4:00pm to 7:00pm (TBD) - A social event starts - visit to ancient Castel del Monte

  • 7:00pm to 11:00pm - Conference dinner in a picturesque town Trani near Bari

27 June

  • 9:00am to approx. 19:00pm - Talks, coffee breaks, lunch.

  • After talks (time to be specified) - News and Views, information about MPCS-2018 Singapore, others

  • Common photo, address of the International Organizing Committee

28 June

     Additional Program 

  • 10:00am - Visits:
    1. Energy Transfer in Plasmas lab
    2. Microwave Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (MWPECVD) lab
    3. Advanced Laser Plasma Applications lab
    4. Plasma processing and polymers lab

    5. Graphene and 2D Materials lab